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Book Competition with Free Enhanced Listing for RITK members

06 Dec 2014

By Simon Denman in collaboration with Conrad Murray at

15 comments book competition logo Readers In The Know is pleased to link up with book recommendations site which is currently promoting a "Prize Writer Competition" where authors in 11 categories get the chance to win a Prize Pool and scoop a substantial winning purse.

Entries to this book competition cost $25 per book, but all entry fees are added to a prize-fund which is divided solely between the winners. And to get things started, have added $1000 dollars to the stakes.

A few days after launch the current prize fund already stands at $2500, but that is expected to expand substantially between now and the closing day for entries on 15th January 2015.

To enter, you must first list your book on (which is free).

But members of Readers In The Know will get their free listings upgraded to "enhanced" (saving $15) by entering the following coupon code for any entry made before midnight on December 9th 2014.


Enhanced listings qualify for front page and feature pages display and appear higher in searches on the website.

For full details of the entry categories, how it works, and how to enter, visit

Don't forget to copy and paste your free "enhanced listing" code:
#RiTK05-09/12/14 to get your free listing upgrade.

If you have any questions about the competition or entry rules please contact for assistance.


M.D. Hall commented at 07:01 22 Jan 2015:

"My book 'Mystery and Misadventure - An old Acquaintance' has just made the finalist list for Ghost stories et al.
As I do not have a huge following, it will go no further as to win requires votes from people who can be canvassed. I'm not even sure if they need to read the book in order to vote. As there will be people out there with huge twitter/Facebook followings, it seems pointless to me to even attempt to keep up."

M.D. Hall commented at 12:01 23 Jan 2015:

"Thanks Conrad. Now all I have to do is become an overnight social media expert ... Now, where is that idiot's guide?"

M.D. Hall commented at 11:02 02 Feb 2015:

"As I was afraid. Unless your readers use social media – and many don't – they are precluded from voting.
This is an extract of an email from one of my readers ... I expect many more like it:

"Unfortunately it requires connecting through facebook, twitter - media I
don't use.

There's no way of just voting without them?

Best regards - "

I have left the identity deliberately blank.

This is someone who has taken the time to vote, but cannot."

M.D. Hall commented at 11:02 02 Feb 2015:

"Wow! Three replies this evening and they go like this ...

" seems that I have to either have facebook or twitter or a google account to vote; I cannot stand any of them. It would be great if one could just vote..."


"I wanted to vote for you. But I don’t do Twitter, Google+ is too invasive a program (I tried it some time ago), and I’d still like to vote somehow!

There must be many of us who would vote without using these!""

M.D. Hall commented at 09:02 03 Feb 2015:

"Some people ... many people are strongly anti-social media.
I hope something can be done. Perhaps an email address where people can log their vote."

M.D. Hall commented at 09:02 03 Feb 2015:

"Some people ... many people are strongly anti-social media.
I hope something can be done. Perhaps an email address where people can log their vote."

M.D. Hall commented at 12:03 07 Mar 2015:

"Thanks to Conrad, at a trying time, for adapting the voting process to require an email address to register a vote, rather than social media.

I am pleased to say that my book 'Mystery and Misadventure – An Old Acquaintance' was the winner in the 'Horror and Ghost Stories' category."

Simon Denman commented at 09:03 07 Mar 2015:

Well deserved I'm sure."

M.D. Hall commented at 05:03 18 Mar 2015:

"If anyone out there has news as to what has become of this competition, feel free to post it here.
On 5th March the site said 2-3 days before winners heard anything more, since then only silence.
I appreciate that Conrad has suffered a massive personal hit, and it was with that in mind that I waited 11 days before sending a message to the site tentatively asking for progress – maybe that length of time isn't a decent interval.
Still silence.
Is this something to chalk up to experience?"

M.D. Hall commented at 01:03 23 Mar 2015:

"The latest in the saga that is The Prize Writer Competition ... All links to the site do not work. Whether on my Mac, or through Windows, the pages cannot be displayed.
I left a message on their site a week ago and there has been no response.
Where do I go from here? Obviously, nowhere. All these things are based upon certain fundamental understandings and when that basis dissolves, there is nothing left to do. I can only imagine that the personal difficulties alluded to on the website are even more far reaching than anyone imagined.
I think the answer to the question in my last comment is: "Yes, chalk it up to experience.""

Simon Denman commented at 01:03 23 Mar 2015:

"I'll let you know as soon as I hear something. I'm sure there's a legitimate explanation as I'd been in regular contact with him until a couple of weeks ago."

M.D. Hall commented at 01:03 23 Mar 2015:

"I need to make it clear that I'm not suggesting anything illegitimate. It's simply that, in the self-published world – as you know better than I – we rely upon mutual help and understanding in place of legalities and strict timetables. In this case eleven days after the two to three days mentioned is not pursuing a strict timetable.
The Website going down is not, I think, indicative of anything more than a general malaise."

M.D. Hall commented at 09:05 09 May 2015:

"Hello Conrad,
I don't know if you read this blog but here goes.
You sent a message to your competition winners via your website explaining your personal travails. The upshot was that the prize money had been purloined. It went without saying that the televised publicity and reviews were also likely to remain elusive.
Your second message expressed the intention that prize money would be forthcoming from other funds by the end of April.
We have now entered the second week of May and the silence is deafening.
I emailed you some days ago. Now I know how – in the first of Dr. Who's adventures with the Daleks – the Tharl who dropped a rock into the crevasse under the Dalek city must have felt. That was sixty years ago and, as far as I know, the rock hasn't hit bottom. We might be waiting as long for this to resolve ..."

M.D. Hall commented at 02:05 20 May 2015:

"... the rock is still falling."

M.D. Hall commented at 11:06 11 Jun 2015:

"There we are then. No prize money ... No review ... No refund ... No reply. I have read a number of blogs where less than complimentary things are said about the man who ran this competition. I can understand the frustration that might lead to speculation. All I can say is: the very least those who paid money, in good faith, can expect is a reply from the owner to legitimate queries.
My own thoughts? I will be dumbfounded if I ever get a review or prize money, and I will avoid any venture espoused by this person."

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