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15 Oct 2014

By Margaret Eleanor Leigh of The Booktrap


photo young people partying with balloons in the air Photo courtesy of Lera blog

The Booktrap is throwing a 24-hour 100-Book Facebook party on Saturday 18th October and YOU are invited!

What is a 100-Book Facebook party, do you ask, and what is The Booktrap?

A 100-Book Facebook party is a bit like any other party: fine company, fine food and drink (from your own refrigerator), party games, and best of all, a real lolly scramble of free books – ebooks and some hard copies.

Co-hosting the party will be the completely bonkers, but very talented Thomas Duder. The party, he says, in a language that can only be described as Mad American, is going to be “so good you’re gonna hafta invite yer momma! It's so off the chain it's right out the MEAT LOCKER!” For those who don’t speak Mad American, this can be translated as “it’s going to be fun.” And there will be plenty of sane people there as well...

The Booktrap is a collective representing authors from right round the globe. Starting eight months ago with just a couple of authors and a handful of books, The Booktrap has turned into a fast-growing group with several dozen authors and has now reached its first milestone of 100 books.

The Booktrap is not just-another-book-promotion-site, it’s a real community. So much so, in fact, that every day is party day at The Booktrap. That’s why the authors want you to share in that joyful spirit, and celebrate their 100-book milestone with them on Saturday 18th October. You can join the party by clicking here.


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