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I write Contemporary Women's Fiction and have self-published three e-books with Amazon. My first book published is 'Consequences' a family story spanning 30 years, beginning on a council estate in Watford which is filled with twists and turns.
My second novel 'Viva La Yoga' tells of five fifty-plus women who meet at Yoga class and embark on a summer holiday together in Spain.Proving you don't have to be young to have fun, plenty happens to ensure these women will never forget their holiday or the life-changing events which occur.I wrote this novel because I believe there is not enough chick-lit around featuring mature female characters.
'Sunseekers' is my third novel, the sequel to 'Viva La Yoga' and is mostly set in Spain. New characters are introduced into the mix, who bring suspense and romance to this story.
I am currently penning my fourth novel 'The Lottery Bride' which tells the tale of a young woman, deep in debt and unlucky in her relationships with men, who wins the lottery. Desperate to find someone to love she decides to hide her wealth to find true love, but her path to find true love isn't a smooth one.
I am a retired Personnel Manager from the UK who now resides in Spain. Before I began writing novels, I penned tongue in cheek articles for a local free paper about ex-pat life in Spain. I've also written, as yet unpublished stories for my eldest granddaughter.
I write because I want to - something I never had time for when I was working. Self-publishing has allowed people like me to write and publish their stories without being told what to write or when the story should be finished, and I encourage people like me to do the same. There is a lot of help out there, so if you have a story in you, write it. For more about me and my books visit


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