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Country: United States
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When G. J. was eight, his mom told him the story of Hannibal crossing the Alps with elephants and a great army. He asked her what happened to Hannibal after that. Mom didn't know, but he was hooked, had to find out, had to write about it.

G. J. spent much of his young life on the road and water, on ocean liners in steerage or working as a crew member on a tramp steamer. Wherever his travels took him, old walls, canals, storage holes deep in the ground made him wonder about how they got there, about the people who put them there, how they lived and got along.

The result is this novel, one other on the way to publication, and a third in G. J.'s writing head. The places, the tides of history, some of the characters in Burnt Rocks are all as they were, but have never been portrayed in any depth.

When not writing, G. J. tries to roam around the places he writes about, likes to sit and soak up the times back then and bring them to modern life in his stories. G. J. is convinced that for all the changes in last 2000 years, people loved and hated, suffered and rejoiced, destroyed and built the same ways then as they do today.

G. J. lives in San Diego with his favorite grammarian and English Professor. They visit their two sons and grandson as often as the kids will have them.


We are celebrating the fact the GJ's newest novel, 'Four Nails', has made the final round of the Amazon Novel Competition
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