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Christopher Briggs

Country: United Kingdom


Building a strong, successful business should be achievable by anyone who has the courage, the passion and the drive to give it a go. It shouldn't be as hard as it is and too many businesses struggle and fail when they don't need to.

Chris knows how devastating it is to have to close a business that you have committed everything to and nearly lost everything because of. In 2008, he obsessively researched why his and other businesses fail. From his findings and together with 20 years in corporate, where he created strategies to attract customers and win new business, Chris wrote his findings in his report Why Most Businesses Fail and started a new business aimed at helping business owners beat the odds and achieve long-term success.

Chris teaches business owners how to build their business on a strong foundation that will give them control and certainty. With this foundation, they know exactly where they need to get their business, the route to take and how to overcome the many obstacles and stay on course.

In his spare time Chris likes to drink good wine with his wife and with friends, walk his dogs, read, play the guitar and play air-drums when no one is about.


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