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Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author

Country: United States


Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author, Recovery Columnist and writer became a first time published author with her shocking debut memoir of gambling addiction with alcohol abuse titled, Addicted To Dimes, (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat). Available in paperback and e-book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and In Recovery Magazine.

Catherine has become well know in the addiction & recovery, mental health, and sex abuse trauma survivors communities for her raw, honest, and in-depth account of her gambling addiction, how she is recovering, openness about living with mental illness & disorders and childhood trauma. She has a large following on her many social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Through her current book, she takes her readers through her life, starting from a little girl who experienced traumatic events, shares dark family secrets that destroyed her family, and she explains how it can shape a person in their choice to go down a dark path not traveled by others.

Today, she does not let her past define the woman who has been successful in recovery nine 1/2-yrs and helps others learn how to be a success in long-term recovery from compulsive gambling. She advocates and shares a message of hope to others who still suffer the "cycle" of gambling & alcohol addictions.

Through her book and recovery blog, she tries to give insights, advice and informational blog "Recovery Resources Page" and a "Relapse Prevention Guide Pages" to help those reach long-term recovery.

She has been in many publications as a recovery guest, most recently in and The Nautilus Journal. Also in a study by Columbia University & media release: She currently is a Columnist for "In Recovery Magazine's "The Authors' Cafe" and is an article writer for "Keys To Recovery and The Sober World," 4 part series and other recovery publications.

Even though she lives life in recovery, she has found other passions as a published author and book promoter, and now a columnist and freelance recovery writer. Catherine continues her advocacy for important issues of addiction, recovery, mental health, and continues to raise awareness, inform, and help educate the public of just how easy you can become addicted to gambling, and help shatter the stigma around all these issues. Her recovery blog continues her recovery online journal & "the rest of her story" from her first book.

Catherine has been invited in the past as "Guest Expert Blogger for Gambling Addiction" by Founder & Recovery Author, Cate Stevens of ~
She continues to blog there with the likes of recovery experts, Christopher Kennedy-Lawford, Popular Recovery Coach, Patty Powers. Catherine was featured as a guest recovery author on several
"Blog Talk Radio shows & Peoples Internet Radio shows". . .
She lives in Arizona via So. Oregon with her her husband of 27-years and their three kitty cats, Miss Princess, Mr. Boots and Simon Peter.


Addicted To Dimes, (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat) is now available as Kindle E-book & Paperback. Book two will be released in early 2017, the follow-up to Catherine's current book. "My hope is to help others learn and live a well-balanced life in recovery".


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