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In 2016 I made my fifth visit to Morocco. What I discovered appalled me so much I went to live there in January 2017. In my thirty-five years of experience helping drug addicts in thirty countries on five continents, I had never seen 8 to 14-year-olds addicted to solvents living on the streets. To help them, since then I have done my best to establish Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous in this country bereft of efficient treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism.

A year later I discovered that Morocco has a drug called 'Karkoubi' which as its nickname implies, 'the drug of mass destruction' is highly dangerous. As Moroccans' influence on organised crime and terrorism is horrendous, I have written a trilogy of books exposing the issues that cause the problems and solutions. In chronological order these are,

Drug Clouds Over Morocco - Casablanca Revisited.

The Strreet Children and the King - Rescuing Lost Souls.

Villains and Victims, The Moroccan Drug, Terrorism and Organised Crime Conundrum,


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