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Mark Berridge

Country: Australia
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Imagine flying through the air, crunching into the earth and then gasping for breath. Suffering an agonising wait for the ambulance, trying to remain calm. Desperately hoping that the damage is not as severe as it feels. Hearing the words spinal cord injury. Being told you may never walk again. Feeling your identity shatter inside you.

Mark Berridge navigated these impossible moments, after a cycling accident launched him onto a recovery path littered with uncertainty and fear. It upended the life the father of three had known. It set him on a journey of determined self-discovery.

Mark shares the influences and attitude that helped him tackle adversity and become a fraction stronger. He writes and speaks about the powerful connection between embracing uncertainty and liberating possibility. His uplifting message is drawn from lived experience, shaped in a way that helps readers and listeners become a fraction stronger too.

Author of multiple award-winning A Fraction Stronger, Mark writes about finding meaning, fostering hope and tackling adversity.


Author of: A Fraction Stronger - Finding Belief and Possibility in Life’s Impossible Moments


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