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Tyrese Rice

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In many parts of the world, I, Tyrese Rice, am known as one of the most successful, professional athletes of my time, I guess. To family and friends, I wear the cape of a caring, ambitious, loving, and devoted father of two. As a kid who came from the small city of Salisbury, NC, moving to Richmond, VA at 9 years old my dreams were and remained big. No matter what the challenges were, I had an internal belief that anything is possible. This belief led me to experiences that will last a lifetime! Even through my wildest dreams and imagination, I never thought I would go to another country, let alone live in one. (9 countries as of now.) Creating relationships with people all over the world, from Greece to Australia, that I still hold dear to my heart now, was never part of my vision, but i’m very grateful. My new journey after basketball has ignited my greatest passion for learning, teaching and serving others and now, I want to share part of my adventure with you.


I am launching a children's book series that will include social-emotional learning skills, travel, and friendship all while learning about some amazing places. Places that I was fortunate enough to live, experience and do what I love, play basketball professionally.
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