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Penn Fawn

Country: United States


I live in New York and I’m a graphic arts production man with a research and writing background.

I’ve made a living doing everything from word processing/typesetting or formatting copy for all kinds of publications; books; magazines; journals; periodicals; you name it, to digital printing and making large format graphics for marketing and advertising.

These days I earn a daily bread doing mostly digital printing. Aside from supporting my favorite soccer teams, during my free time I write and gobble up all I can about self-publishing.

I’ve always to some extent been involved with the printed word, either through reading and writing, or production. I started off writing for my community college newspaper. I also worked in our newsroom, formatting and putting the galleys of type and photographs together so we could produce the paper. I then wrote as an intern for a chain of local community newspapers in Brooklyn.

I got further into the graphic arts production side of things when I was studying for my four-year college degree. I continued to work at that school’s newspaper too, doing layout. Later I got into photography and then video.

For that matter, it is an environmental documentary project I began working on that rekindled my interest in creative writing.

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I'm currently working on the second book of The Underworld Series.


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