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Agnes Canestri

Country: Germany
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Besides writing sweet, heartwarming romance stories and suspenseful romantic reads, Agnes is also a psychologist, thus obsessed with understanding what makes people tick, especially when it comes to love.
She may or may not have a desperate obsession with chocolate — the darker, the better—, green smoothies (kale cancels out the vice for sweets, right?), and strong Italian espresso (she lived too long in Rome to not pick up this habit.)
Without a doubt, her most precious thing in life is her family and her two little monkeys (who start not to be so little anymore.) Agnes has lived in many countries following her hubby's crazy career move, but right now, she's settled in Germany. She loves traveling and being outdoors, but it doesn't mean that you can't tempt her with a good read and a cozy blanket anytime... especially if you've also got that famous Italian cuppa with you…


Soon to be launching the third book "Thin Ice & Foolish Desires" in the Cirella Bay romance series...


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