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A jigsaw puzzle of primary colors is used to depict those on the spectrum. This could be almost any person, albeit with more pixelate pieces. I will piece together my own puzzle.

Born in Central New York State, I grew up surrounded by mountain beauty and lakes. Raised in a poor white family, I learned to do with what I had. A scion of Italy, I matured with pride in my heritage. Borne by a survivor of polio, I learned I was not superior. Fostered near Canada, the CBC on the dial, my hometown was multicultural ahead of much of the US.

Since youth, I’ve had a keen interest in nature and an appreciation for other species; driven by the bookmobile and Wild Kingdom. That grew into a love of the wild, connecting to what has been over-built. Aware of Global Warming early on, I had watched the inaugural Carter family sit in a passive solar booth. I strived to minimize my impact on the environment.

All this led me to a degree in biology and entomology,specializing in ecology. However, finishing a MS degree, I came out. Immersed in the local gay community, I helped expand our social options. I worked to found a community center and helped run it. To make rent, I worked in retail, food testing, pharmaceutical data management, and as an ecology technician. None paid much, considering the cost of living in the NYC area. Yet still young, there were endless possibilities. My NJ time ended with my first bout with cancer. Months later, I met my life partner and moved with him.

In Maryland, we built life together. First, I worked at an agricultural lab, and moved onto enforcing drinking water safety. Then, I shifted to ecological restoration, getting closer to my original education roots. Here I remain. Every step on my career path, co-workers and friends were as diverse as humanity. But all good things come to an end. My partner of 15y ears died. I coped and moved on. A second bout with cancer, a few new health issues, then COVID. In those doldrums, my writing was spurred on.

Now, looking to retire into a new career in writing, I watch the worst fears of youth expand. Denial of climate change continues, and multitudes remain with limited voice. Many more have no voice whatsoever, pushed towards extinction. I hope I can speak for some, or more accurately amplify. There is optimism in my novel, that humanity can pull together and save enough. Yet, I dwell on the practical consequences.


New author who is introducing my new book: REBEARTH.


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