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Phil Robert Lucky

Country: United States


Phil Robert Lucky is an author and an expert on law and legal sciences. His master’s degree in these subjects directed his naturally keen eye towards effective communication and establishing strong interpersonal relationships at the workplace.
As an expert on legal sciences, Phil understood the importance of communication and how it could be a deal-breaker (especially in the workforce or when trying to secure a deal).
Determined to go beyond his theoretical grasp of the subject, Phil took on the challenge to work in international organizations where he further sharpened his skills in leadership and establishing effective communication.
It was then that he decided to direct his attention towards learning the basics of establishing good communication and developing leadership skills. Phil attended countless seminars on communication and interpersonal relationships with respect to the workplace.
Armed with his experience, he has now set out on his journey to help others master their skills in communication and establish effective interpersonal relationships for their own personal growth and the gradual growth of their organization.
To this effect, he has authored titles on leadership, motivation, and establishing communication at the workplace, thus, effectively doling out the knowledge he has augured over the years for the benefit of all.
When he’s not writing, Phil enjoys cooking and is a sports enthusiast. He hopes to author titles based on his passion for sports and cooking in the future.


Hi I'm Phil Robert Lucky, non-fiction self-editor .. I'd like to share ideas and my books with you!


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