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Wilson Whitlow

Country: United States


Wilson Whitlow didn’t talk until he was five and couldn’t stop jabbering after that. At school, he was an expert doodler and daydreamer. He liked to stare out the windows during class, especially in the fall when the leaves were changing. After school, it was peanut butter bread and watching cartoons. He imagined Tom and Jerry turning real and taking him away in a cartoon parade. He sewed clothes for his stuffed animals and held meetings under the covers at bedtime. In the first grade, he had his first crush: a girl named Cindy who wore a purple sweater dress to school. He had a dream he kissed her and woke up in love. He drew comics with big-nosed people and maps of made-up countries. His first story was about a gang of garden vegetables that turned the tables on the gardener. At the end, the watermelon kicked the old man way up into the sky. The vegetables were free!

Wilson grew up and got organized, but that daydreamy little kid never went away. He just took his stuffies and pencils and moved way down inside where today he lives in a sunny little apartment with a drawing table and lots of peanut butter bread and a view of the autumn trees all gold and brown and red.


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