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Sadly, the characters in J.Y. Sam's books are far more interesting than she is! She's married, has a beautiful if somewhat crazy daughter, a thoroughly sensible son, and a rather... shall we say, 'unique' Italian husband. She lives a quiet life working at home, surrounded by her cat, Phoebe, her duck, Rosie, four java finches, and a shoal of rapidly multiplying tank fish. Worryingly, she chats much more with her animals (they don't answer back) than with her family...

It took around five years to write her first book 'The Ingenious', and now that it's published, she's hoping that the gestation period for books 2 and 3 in the trilogy will be much shorter! Otherwise, she and her one fan will probably die of old age... And she cannot, and must not, leave an incomplete trilogy - or the universe will almost certainly implode. So watch this space...

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The Ingenious and the Colour of Life, is J.Y. Sam's contemporary fantasy/science fiction debut - about a group of mysterious children with the power to change lives...


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