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Chris Reign is a lifelong enthusiast of the written word, and particularly where it intersects with fantasy. From the age of five and hearing his father read The Hobbit at bedtime, Chris began envisioning worlds and describing them in words. As a debut fantasy author of Dive: Endless Skies (The Dive Sequence Book 1), Chris has taken the next step on a road that goes ever, ever on.

For questions or comments, Chris can be found lurking reddit as u/chrisreign, or discord as ChrisReign#1508. He has a Patreon, for those looking to really dive into the creative process with him, which is where early access to book two can be found.


Dive: Into the Ruins (working title) will be released a chapter a week for early access, exclusively for Patreons. Get your Dive fix in and get your opinions heard by posting there and letting me know what you think of the ongoing story.


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