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Tom James

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Tom James grew up in Essex, his parents were working class Londoners who owned a small shop. After leaving his local comprehensive at 16 he worked in the City of London, aimlessly drinking and clubbing, and after a good few years of that he quit his job.

In 1990, during the first Gulf War he found himself sat on a beach in Tel Aviv (having been asked to leave the kibbutz he was staying at for 'not working').

As he read a tatty copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson he had an epiphany.

Tom decided he would turn his life around, or at least change its course, and attempt to be a writer. He trained as a journalist in the 90s and has spent the last 15 or so years working in a variety of roles as a digital content expert in London. However, his actual writing took a back seat.


Newest Release: Your Children Are Boring by Tom James - “The funniest book of the year”
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