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A.D. Williams learned early on how powerful representation is in books. Ensuring that kids can see and feel success through the lens of characters that look and face many of the same challenges they do. When I was growing up no one talked about investing, wealth, business plans or how to acquire real wealth,” said A.D. His underlying motivation is that this book will ignite discussions around finances in households across the world and be a seed that blossoms until wealth equity for our children. In addition to his writing, A.D. is a children hospital administrator, private investor, and entrepreneur.

A.D. Williams is the coauthor of the inspiring, educational and life-affirming chapter book for middle grade children "Mansa's Little Reminders: Scratching the Surface of Financial Literacy" by A.D. Williams and Kendall Fordham.

Mansa's Little Reminders is a unique children’s story that will inspire the budding entrepreneurs of the next generation. A terrific book to read together, this colorful and charming narrative will teach young children about finances and money, along with how to keep going in the face of failure while emphasizing the importance of following what you love to do.


New release: Mansa’s Little Reminders: Scratching the Surface of Financial Literacy by A.D. Williams and Kendal Fordham a middle grade meaningful, adventurous, touching & educational fiction book.


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