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Barry Minkin, futurist, global management consultant, author and professional speaker has been featured on Larry King Live (where he debated Robert Bartley then Editor of the Wall Street Journal). Tech-Nation, Smart Money, Money Talk, Everybody's Business, The Paula Poundstone Show, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune and United Airlines Hemisphere. He is a very popular and sought after keynote speaker for organizations worldwide including the Federal Reserve System wide meeting and the World Future Society annual conference where he predicted the “Great Recession”. The economic newsletter Critical Factors proclaimed "Barry Minkin is very much in the running for “guru of the decade."

His book Future in Sight - 100 Trends, Implications & Predictions That Will Most Impact Business Into The 21st Century (Simon and Schuster) provides an amazing record of hundreds of accurate predictions. The book received critical acclaim and sold very well globally. Econoquake (Prentice Hall) presented the fault lines in the economy that made an economic downturn inevitable. Minkin’s book Ten Great Lies that Threaten Western Civilization (In-Sight Press) was published in 2007 and The Great Unraveling (In-Sight Press) published in 2012. America’s Deepening Divide (In-sight Press) was published in 2017. His autobiography Playing with Dust was published in 2020. Brainwashed America’s Cultural Revolution will publish in January y 2021.

With over 45 years as a global management consultant, including 10 years with Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International), Minkin has consulted with scores of Fortune 500 and growth companies across most industry sectors, as well as government and various trade associations. His insights into the company specific factors that determine success in the real world have allowed him to accurately develop market forecasts and strategies for his clients.

Barry was Professor of: Advanced Marketing and Industry Strategy, Executive MBA Program, St. Mary’s College, a Lecturer in Strategic Planning, University of California at Berkeley, and Marketing Professor at Canada College. He holds an MBA degree from the Bernard Baruch School of the City University of New York. He has received numerous awards, including the American Society for Training and Development Achievement Award, and a Presidential Citation for Innovative Employment Strategies.


Soon to be launching the most important book of the year. Brainwashed! America's Cultural Revolution. The astonishing premise of this book is that a large percentage of the U.S. population has been as brainwashed as the “Red Guard” during Mao’s Cultural Revolution.
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