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Kathleen Esther

Country: United States


A former onion field weeder, linen sales clerk, Department of Revenue filing robot, apartment cleaner, tobacco display artist, candy rack stacker, Department of Motor Vehicles filing robot, medical records insurance abstract typist, friendly but resentful medical clinic receptionist, library cataloging technician and pharmacy clerk turned writer.

But enough about me.

The Metatronic Chronicles is about a family of angels trying to live normal lives in semi-rural Wisconsin. I originally started writing these stories back when I was sixteen years old and if you look at my photo, you can tell this was quite a while ago. The initial idea came to me when I was growing up on a produce farm and not enjoying the experience. I always wanted an angel to come scoop me up and take me where people enjoyed life, love, music and art as opposed to onions, black dirt and fertilizer. In a way, my angel did come and help me as I began writing and became lost in this world of fantasy mixed with what was my reality at the time.

I wrote for many years, starting out in longhand after I was supposed to be in bed asleep. My parents must have wondered why it was so hard to get me out of bed in the morning. I couldn't tell them it was because I had sat up writing until 2AM! Over time, I switched to a typewriter which on the surface seemed a good thing. However it was a thermal paper typewriter and do you know what happens to thermal paper that is exposed to sunlight? Don't ask.

I finally put down my pen when I got married and never wrote another word for about seven years. However one day I just got tired of life for awhile and began to retreat back into my world of angels. By this time, most of my old manuscripts had faded into blank sheets so I decided to start again. This gave me an opportunity to rethink and redesign everything I had developed up until the loss of my earlier work.


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