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Country: United States
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A management consultant who spent the last 20 years designing operational processes for organizations and advising organizations in the health sciences, finance, manufacturing, and technology industries.

Due to my work, I have a keen interest in analyzing business operations, especially the causes of organizational dysfunctionality.

My investigation and analysis led to a surprising revelation. Dysfunctional organizations may actually be the undesirable result of driving employee performance. This revelation inspired me to write the book, "How to lie con cheat your way up the corporate ladder."

In the book, I explain how organizations subconsciously promote negative employee behavior and why it becomes necessary for employees to behave negatively to move up the corporate ladder.

My intention is to write a few books on this topic. The first book, "How to lie con cheat your way up the corporate ladder," discusses negative employee behaviors and their causes. The next yet to be published book will discuss the necessary leadership traits to excel in an organization. And probably a third book will share the practices that will shape positive employee behavior


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