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Lion I Am

Country: United States
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The author Lion I Am lives on a beautiful island with lots of trees and animals. He likes quiet spaces in nature just like his animal friends. He enjoys talking to the turtles, dolphins and whales when they're around.
He enjoys relaxing in nature and listening to the sounds of the birds and animals and the wind in the trees. He especially loves walking along the beach by the ocean surf. One of his favorite things is swimming in the strong waves in the ocean.

Lion I Am loves playing with children and animals. They help him laugh at all his passing
Me’s and all his funny moods. The children and animals remind him to be grateful
for his life here on this beautiful Earth. On a good day he's like the relaxed
watchful lion who watches things from his resting place of Self love and wonder.


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Yummy Me Feels So Good.
Portuguese. Yummy Eu Me sinto Tao
Spanish. Se siente bien ser yo mismo


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