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I'm not very savvy about the social part of the internet. That's why I don't have Facebook or Twitter ... or anything else.  I'm nervous about the stories I've heard of trolling, and shaming, and blocking.  I don't like the idea of being censored. 

I've always believed that ancient people weren't heroic statuesque mannequins moving in grand gestures and only speaking in memorable quotes: they were just people. They weren't "like" us ... they "were" us. The same family problems, the same problems at work, the same plans that sometimes work ... sometimes not, the same mistakes, the same apologizing.​ That's why I chose humor as my medium: it's a lot more entertaining when this stuff is happening to someone else.

I may not be social-savvy, but I am familiar with internet research.  Ten years ago, I couldn't have written my books.  They may seem like complete fluff, but I've researched personalities, events, and cultures in libraries all over the world.  Libraries in Salamanca, Spain have many Latin and Greek copies of books like Galen's that you can read online.  The Vatican has many original documents digitized and easily accessible.  The German library system has many books available online, so do British libraries.  I've barely touched the papyrus repositories which are coming online as well.  Anyone can access this information.

Don't worry! I don't knock you over the head with history. I just wanted an accurate canvas for my characters to move around in. You'll find yourself saying "that can't have happened", then look in the "What's True" appendix to find out that .... yeah, it pretty much did.


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