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Abigail White

Country: Italy
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Abigail White is an author, dieting guru, and avid fan of the keto diet. She fell in love with the incredible world of keto ever since trying to find a way to lose weight in a simple, hassle-free, and all-natural way. Abigail now works as a dieting consultant and weight loss expert, specializing in the keto diet. She's helped dozens of clients achieve their weight loss goals, and she frequently gives consultations and workshops on how to build personalized dieting plans.
Abigail has made it her mission to educate readers on how they can use the keto diet to boost their immune systems, reduce inflammation, improve their wellbeing, and live happier lives. She believes that anybody can reach their weight goals once they harness the power of keto and give up outdated and ineffective diets. She currently lives in Oregon with her husband, three children and their family dog.


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