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Our Author Martin Barber published ‘Senor Lard Arse & Fat Man’ his first Amazon bestselling travel memoir in 2019. With the success of this best seller, Martin has now put pen to paper to deliver a wonderful, true-life memoir from the early years of his family life when moving to live and work southern Germany.

Germany It’s More Than Bratwurst & Weissbier, captures the challenges for this young family as Martin and his family faced, when seeking a new life in Germany in the early 1990’s

Martin & Vanessa are childhood sweethearts. Married by the time they were nineteen years old. When the Berlin wall fell in 1989, they also had had three young sons together. Little did they know at that time, but within twelve months after the fall of the Berlin wall, Martin would be forced towards Germany in search of a new job.

Martin and Vanessa had debts to pay in the UK, originally setting out living and working on his own in Germany, getting moneys back to Vanessa to survive, He also had to keep their creditors from the door. Martin’s family were finally able to join him over a year and a half later, this our starting place were wonderful journey to begins.

This book describes their new life together from the time Vanessa and their sons join Martin, once again becoming a family in the southern Germany city of Reutlingen. Take the journey with them as they rebuild their family life together, exploring a new German life and culture.

As a family they are welcomed with open arms by the local’s community, but not without many trials and tribulations, with more than their fair share of obstacles on the way. There are not many young families who have made the sacrifices and met the challenge of moving across Europe at such a young age, in search of a new life and a new beginning.

You won’t be disappointed in this true-life journey, Martin is constantly in search of improving his career prospects, he and his family strive to explore the local culture and new life style in the southern regions of Germany. Life is never simple as they lay down new roots, you get the detail, the hardship of what life can be like for these young explorers, in search of a simple family life. Most of all you get a good understanding of life within Germany at that time of their lives.

At times you will laugh sometimes cry, but most of the time you will want to be alongside them for moral support as life throws all it can at them. They keep bouncing back to build a family together in the beautiful surroundings of this lovely country.


Germany, More Than Bratwurst and Weissbier. Martins first memoir autobiography. Due to be released in August 2020. Your able to follow Martin through his young life living and working in Germany after the wall had just fallen on the eastern block.


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