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John Budzinski

Country: United States


John E. Budzinski published his first book, "Nothing Special - Just A Life August 2109." He grew up in the Lordship section of Stratford, CT. He attended Great Neck School, just up the road from his house, and Blessed Sacrament, and Bullard Havens Tech, both in Bridgeport, CT. A graduate of Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond with a BS in Business Management, he began writing to impress a college girlfriend's father.

The Father was the news editor of the local paper. Knowing all fathers think their daughters' boyfriends are jerks, he wrote some political editorials to show his girlfriend's father that, "he may be a jerk, but at least he is a smart jerk!" Of course, this little ploy didn't work and said father still thought of John as a 25 watt bulb in a 100 watt world.

John wrote about this incident some years later and continues to write from the same everyday events, writing from "behind the scene" and supplying the voice to the walls, trees, craters, and creatures as they tell their stories. Looking for the story behind the story and the 'story less told', there is usually a anomalous spin to the tales he weaves.

An eternal optimist and purveyor of slightly twisted and distorted notions of humor, he is blessed with patient friends who let him become a nuisance in their lives. They show up unwittingly in many of his columns, stories, and occasionally in his photos, though rarely on his doorstep.

His second book, "Life Goes On - Wait, wait, I forgot to tell you. There is More To The Story …" is planned for release Early 2021.
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