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Walking on Fire contains the author's message that no matter whether you're experiencing physical, mental or emotional suffering, there are ways to control it, overcome it, and learn to live life to the fullest in spite of it. Paul's harrowing, colorful (and humorous) stories of surviving adversity are perfect examples of how to triumph over obstacles and challenges life tosses at you. Having grown up in Zimbabwe and the African Bush, he incorporated the tools of survival into practical techniques for tackling and managing pain at all levels. "Only you can decide whether you want to stay at the bottom of despair, or rise above it and defeat it. Only you can decide when enough is enough and you'll start fighting for your life. My greatest joy will be to know the lessons I learned from my experiences with debilitating pain will lead you to your own Oasis of Hope and Healing. The reward is the journey, but the true gift is what lives in one's heart forever." Survival in the Bush meant more to Paul Nobes than outrunning lions and hyena, and living through droughts and economic downturns. Having suffered 25 years of chronic physical pain, he discovered the principles in Walking on Fire: The Journey Back from Pain and Suffering while finding ways to beat back death and stay alive to enjoy sunrises and sunsets over the African horizon. "Walking on Fire is not intended to be a literary masterpiece, but merely a way to share my experience to give strength and hope to others in pain. My mission is to help make the world a better place one person at a time, one book at a time, and one message at a time. The Zambezi River is where I clear my mind by walking the Bush and fishing for Tiger Fish. Watching hippos and crocs go about their business, and elephants and antelope sauntering down to drink and feed, I thank God every day that I've been allowed to live in this magical land that has made me who I am today. It is truly heaven on earth." Walking on Fire is the first in a series of soon to be released books under the Oasis of Hope and Healing umbrella.


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