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I was born a few years after man's first landing on the Moon and I always believed more is to follow. After 45 years, I still believe it. The Haillar world is dedicated to all those who never ceased to dream that space exploration is possible, that mankind can find new homes among the stars ...

For more than 35 years I've read Sci-Fi and Fantasy, two or three books per week. At least five thousand books at a rough count. I've read each possible genre. Some were good books, some were brilliant books. Eventually, I decided to give it a try, to start writing myself and hopefully, my books will bring joy to other fiction fans, the way worlds imagined by others enchanted my life.

PHOENIX was my debut novel, published with Amazon KDP in Dec-19, the first in an intended trilogy. In Mar-20 I published HUMAN, days after my first book received a Kirkus Critical Recommendation. I'm currently working on the third volume in the series and meanwhile, I also published ELLANDRA a Companion Novella (or better said Novellete), featuring one of the main characters in the main series.
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