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Lawrence Wilcox

Country: United States


Lawrence Wilcox is a retired electronic engineer that has worked in the competitive commercial industry for 45 years. Engineering and technology companies are very conservative on the political spectrum that contributed to writing his books. Engineering disciplines must be objective rather than subjective. Emotion and opinion are insignificant to the objective and rigorous rules application for developing electronic technology. He applies this objectivity to collecting and analyzing history since WWII that has led to Donald Trump being president. His first book was on the religious right and evangelicals takeover of the country to lead to the mix of politics and religion controlling the USA. U.S. political history following World War II has been and continues to be altered, covered up and obliterated to influence elections to serve the rich and powerful. Lessons not learned from history results in repeating catastrophic choices with disastrous results. Repeating history for the United States will result in even worst outcomes because resources have been depleted, global environments have changed and the gap in wealth is starting from the largest difference in history. Political campaigns' costs eliminate the probability of winning by the non-wealthy that not selected by the wealthy. Our government has fallen under control of the super-wealthy. Knowing and understand America’s political history is crucial to our future. His writing is to present evidence of political coverups and deceptions that have led to Donald Trump becoming President. The goal of his writing is to inspire change to preserve the future for the United States of America.


Recently released, "It Didn't Start with Trump" is the U.S. political history following World War II leading to our current political situation.


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