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Ricardo Pinto

Country: United Kingdom


I was born in Portugal, but have lived most of my life in Scotland. A degree in mathematics barely distracted me from world-building projects; a passion that led into computer games that explored 3D, vector graphic worlds when sprites were the mainstream; this was back in the 80s—in computer game terms, an aeon ago. Other sorts of science fiction games occupied me for a while and, eventually, for more than ten years, I worked on The Stone Dance of the Chameleon. I have been busy since with a range of projects: graphic novels, more fantasy and sci-fi work, and a historical novel that I have set aside for now. Currently, I am releasing the Second Edition of my Stone Dance books.

There is a CV of my creative work on instagram (@ricardopintowriter) under the tag #RPintoWriter.


in the process of launching the thoroughly reworked and leaner Second Edition of my seven book series The Stone Dance of the Chameleon over 2020.


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