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At the early age of three, my parents implanted a passion for reading books with my brothers and me. Weekly, we made visits to the library as a family. My imagination went wild as I read stories about fairies, mythical creatures, and out of world adventures. The little author in me created my own versions for each of the stories I read. My artistic abilities surfaced at about the same age. I recall creating enchanting stories about each of the Walt Disney characters I sketched, and then I sent these characters off on magical journeys to faraway places. Throughout the years, those skills developed but my life path led me in another direction.

I did not become an artist, or author the child in me dreamed about until many years later. As far as a career, I chose a path that led me for training to become a skin specialist. I opened a number of clinics and worked in conjunction with plastic surgeons and other professionals. My specialty was to provide skincare prior to laser treatments, cosmetic surgeries, and to prescribe skin maintenance programs for patients, afterward.

By this time, I was a student of The Deliberate Creation Process and my intention was to create my own natural skincare line. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely with a talented biochemist and a cosmetic chemist to make this goal happen. The development of my own products empowered me to formulate custom skin programs for my clients. Adding essential oils, botanicals, and other organic ingredients to a baseline, allowed me to create unique skin programs with each of my client’s specific needs in mind. I still provide that service to clients that I’ve had for many years.

After my niece, Sophia asked me to write about a subject she loves, ‘fairies’ and my other niece, Shelby expressed her passion for stories about a 'bugs' point of view, I was inspired to write and illustrate my first book. The charismatic Butterfly Fairy character named, Arabella and her extraordinary dimensional adventures came to life. It was another intention of mine to introduce children to The Law of Attraction and The Deliberate Creation Process through stories told in my books.
When I’m not writing, I’m enjoying life in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. My husband and I have lived in the four corner area for over two decades. We have three beautiful cats (our furry kids) who make it their mission to bother me when I am working on painting or writing projects.


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