Author Profile

Tracey Morait

Country: United Kingdom


I'm an indie author, who was born and brought up in Liverpool, England, and now live in Bristol with my husband Keith and cat Treacle. I write and self-publish books for children and teens. Keith designs my book covers and K&T Mitchell is our own small press. My books are available at Amazon, Book Depository and other major book shops, in paperback and Kindle.

I usually write about what I know or what interests me. Goalden Girl and Goalden Sky were inspired by my love of football (I'm a massive Liverpool FC fan); Abbie's Rival is loosely based on an experience I had with a pen friend many years ago; I have epilepsy and so I wrote Epiworld and Episode, imagining where a tonic-clonic seizure could take someone when they lose time; Big Brother was just an idea I came up with.


I've just self-published my sixth book for children, Episode, in September 2019


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