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My career as an author has come to me later in life.
I have always dreamed about writing a book but just never seemed to get around to it. I am a mother of 4 gorgeous children and have the most adoring husband ever who have all been hugely supportive in me getting this book from a dream to reality.

My love of all things paranormal started when I was just a small child. It grew with me over the years and has featured in our family for many years.
I once went to a medium and had a reading and she asked me, "Where is your book?" I looked at her a little confused as although I had always wanted to write a book, it never happened. She said, "Not to worry, it will happen when the time is right."

A few years after this reading, my Aunt was murdered by her husband, throwing my thoughts into chaos. I trusted very few people all of a sudden when I had once loved people. Grief took hold of the entire family. I was angry, I wanted to tell the world to, go away, but a lot less politely. Then one day, I was driving in my car, when a song came on the radio. One I had heard many times, but in my mind, a story played out. Then every time I heard it the story grew. I told my husband the story, he suggested I write it down. So I did.
The next thing I knew, the story kept growing, it became many thousands of words. I felt like I could pour my grief out in the book, like some kind of therapy. It felt good, so I kept writing. Each time I did the story got better. My brother read what I had written, he liked it and made some suggestions to make it even better! I realised then, maybe, just maybe, this was my book. I carried on writing, I saw my grief dissolve onto the pages, until one day I thought, I can bring Sandra, my Aunt, back to life in my story. If you read my book, Maggie, who runs the spiritual group, is based on her. She was always very spiritual and it felt right that she be there.
And before I knew it, my book was born! Believer had become my first book. I am so proud of myself for keeping going, it's taken a few years to get to the point of sharing it. I really hope you like it and I intend to keep writing, new ideas are already building and I am very excited for the next chapter of my life.


My debut book, Believer was published on 19th October 2019


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