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Ian Breck is an American cognitive scientist, bestselling author, and director of cognitive innovation at Life Environments Life Sciences. His bestselling book, Reimagined - How Amazing People Design Their Lives, explores what features contented people share and what they mean to you. It’s been read by more than 750,000 readers.

His latest book, Refreshed!, introduces the new world of cognitive wellness and provides a common-sense program for managing anxiety, stress, fear, and depression safely and effectively using science, new thinking and nature’s experience.

Ian’s career began in New York before moving to Silicon Valley where his explorations into organizational knowledge and cognitive dynamics gathered the attention of many of the world’s leading companies and personalities including Steve Jobs, Stan Gault, and Kim Flaherty, Elliot Eisner, Rachael Ingalls, and even Robin Williams.

Ian enjoys sailing, cinematography, cinematography, fly tying and fishing, woodworking, motorcycling, fine photography, and living the New England dream.


Recently released Refreshed! The common-sense guide to taking back the control of your life from anxiety, stress, and fear with new science and mother nature.


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