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I've published as an indie author on Smashwords since 2013 under the name of Lydia Chandler. I publish a wide variety of genres there. I currently have nine there until I post the paranormal ebook in the next couple of days, then bringing the count up to ten (10).

I signed up with Amazon on May 2019. I already have ten (10) ebooks posted. All are flash fiction erotic romance as I refer to them. Yes, they are adult content ebooks. Before the end of 2019, that number will be up to an even dozen!

There were no options for my blog or my Smashwords account so I've included them here:
Three Parts of One Whole

Drop a line, give a shot, hit me up, tell your friends!


Putting the finishing touches on a real-life events paranormal ebook. Once I get that on Smashwords, I'll finish The CPR of a Marriage for Amazon. At the beginning of Nov I'll release (it's finished!) a Christmas themed ebook on Amazon. Stay tuned!
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