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Hari Prakash

Country: India
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I have conducted four programmes:

Humorous Teaching-experiences
Fun with Words
English, the Funny Language
Humour in Accounts

in variations, depending on the maturity level of the audiences, for more than 100,000 students, of class 3 and above, from 290 schools and over 20 colleges and institutions of higher learning, in 14 years.

Incidentally, I am also a freelance content-writer and have written content for majors like Amazon, Walmart, ABB, Volvo, Crompton Greaves, Autodesk, Vijaya Bank, Karnataka Tourism, Siemens, etc. and for more than 100 real-estate-developers.

Missed opportunities include the likes of Boeing, JK Tyres, Colgate, etc. as I, being a self-employed one-man army with no support-system, couldn’t afford to take the risk of biting off more than I could chew.

And, just for information, I have to my credit, stories, cartoons, comic strips, etc. published in newspapers and magazines in English, Kannada and Urdu.

I also have to my credit, a published book on English grammar. I have ghost-written a novel (published) for an aspiring author.

Based on the above experiences, I have written

Just Write Right Volume – I (Sprinkled with Humour)

It is a handy teaser-booklet of use to students, teachers, content writers, authors and English enthusiasts.
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