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Pilar Menen Aventin

Country: Spain
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Pilar Menen was born in Lleida (Spain), although she has always worked as a lawyer in the Public Administration of Barcelona. She loves everything extravagant and fun, she is an addict confessed to sports, especially golf and tennis.
Reader, he decided that the ten years he wanted to be a writer, once he finished with all the books in the world and had nothing interesting to do. Her professional and family occupation (she has two children), forces her to postpone her dream of writing for a few years ... Pilar currently lives in the Principality of Andorra with her husband.

In The Girl Who Learned to Dream, she has experienced a masterful ability to create memorable characters and an exciting and absorbing plot.
The girl who learned to dream is a surprising first novel that will leave you wanting more, and that "more" is already on its way.


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