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Lindy Hughes

Country: Canada
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As a six-year-old Lindy dreamed of being a ballerina. At ten she decided she wanted to be a writer too. Then life happened, as it does. She taught English literature for a while, got a degree in psychology, got married, had a couple of kids, and emigrated. A little midlife-crisis saw her husband putting her and her laptop on a plane to Vegas. The happy result was her first book, It Never Stays in Vegas, part memoir, part wishful thinking. That should have been the end of it, but the crisis continued and was responsible for her ungainly entry into the burlesque arena...and the birth of Luna Blue (her much sexier alter-ego). She had a blast removing her clothes in public - until her husband discovered what she was doing. As penance, she headed to the Camino de Santiago. Her 700km pilgrimage through northern Spain with Petunia, her purple backpack, jumpstarted a memoir, which will be dancing into the world soon.


Launching new memoir soon...
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