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Strength, passion, love, Action. These are only some of the things people love to read about in a captioning story. My name is Adam Zomparelli, and I am a new author. I have released one book so far with another one on the way in the short mini-series that is now available on Amazon. This mini-series3 is just going to be an accumulation of the different human feelings and emotions people experience daily and how you can utilize them to your benefit.

I also have another book which is going to be a Science Fiction novel, which is my first love of choice when it comes to writing. I have always had a creative mindset ever since I was little but realized my passion for writing four years ago. Growing up watching anything marvel and delving my eyes into Dungeons and Dragons, Forgotten realms novels allowed me to deepen my love for a good story further. The idea of creating and expressing a story from your thought process is fantastic to me and is a great feeling I continue to enjoy every day.

here is the link to my first book in the miniseries From The Inside Out - A Courageous Heart

If anyone is interested to know more, they can message me or find out more information when my facebook page and website is up and running (shortly). I look forward to chatting and hearing from you!


this is the first book in the series I have launched. there will soon be another one to follow within the next 5 months or less. also, my website and facebook page are in the process of being made so they are not up just yet. looking to chat and hear from anyone whos interested!
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