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Kenneth Pazder

Country: Canada


Kenneth Allan Pazder is an attorney and action-adventure writer from Vancouver, British Columbia. His interest in animal welfare inspired his debut work, The Invisible Reich -a "Jason Bourne meets PETA", action/adventure novel that follows one man’s quixotic journey to change the world for the millions of animals that are killed every day at the hands of the Master Species known as mankind. Trophy hunting, factory farming and medical experimentation on animals -it's all there, along with a whole lot of shooting, explosions, kidnappings and general mayhem!

Ken lives in White Rock, British Columbia with his two Afghan hounds, Rafa & Spirit and jet black cats, Tarot & Chi.


THE INVISIBLE REICH. Welcome to the war on animals! 30,000,000 have been killed today in North America alone! Despite these staggering numbers, the war remains largely unnoticed by most! Who is behind this global onslaught? Look in the mirror!


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