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Paul Hughes

Country: United States
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Paul J Hughes, an experienced educator, developed a program that's proven to help students ace exams, earn better grades and realize their academic potential. If you've ever struggled with test taking, this book has the answer. Discover a simple daily routine that only takes a few minutes-but that can change your life.

Are you one of those students who hate exams, and the fact that your whole future, including what colleges you can get into and what careers you can pursue, depends on how well you do on exams? You're not alone. Even "good students" who do everything right-pay attention in class, do their homework and study for exams-often fail to get good grades. And it's not because they don't try or aren't smart. Now there's good news, a way for you to "ace" exams, boost your GPA-and maybe even change your life. This book will tell you how.


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