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John Zager

Country: United States


John Zager

A man of many talents, John Zager enjoys living life to the fullest. His experiences have taken him around the world, often landing him in places of wonder and beauty. John’s true passion is health.

A graduate of one of Europe’s top culinary schools, he strives to create dishes that are not only appetizing but healthy as well.

Currently a resident of the great city of San Francisco, California with his wife.

John writes books, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. He’s best known for writing health books, including "How to Get Rid Of Headache Naturally", “The Art Of Penis Operating: Not Only For Men” and “ The Art Of Penis Operating“. He also wrote “Homemade Liqueur: The Unique Recipe Guide”.

Unlike other Health and Recipe books, his content focuses on taking action. So instead of reading over-hyped strategies that rarely work in the real world, you’ll get information that can be immediately implemented. When not writing, John likes to read, exercise and explore the different parts of the world

John dabbles in making homemade liqueurs that you won’t find in any liquor store. Anywhere.

You can see more his book at


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