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C.S. Catlin

Country: United Kingdom


C.S. Catlin lives in Puerto Morelos, a fishing town and tourist haven thirty minutes south of Cancun, Mexico. She was born in London, England and her eclectic background includes British, Italian, Canadian, and Mexican influences which together bring a kaleidoscope of ideas, expressions and traditions that enrich her writing.
“If someone would have told me that it would take five years to write my novel, I wonder if I ever would have hit the first key of my keyboard, because looking forward, five years would have seemed an eternity to the day I would type ‘The End’.
The past five years were full of activity, including three major location moves and turning each new house into a home, while in my spare time I dedicated many hours investigating medieval history which I adapted and distorted according to the requirements of the story and my characters. Looking back, the days and months seem to have vanished into the past like a puff of smoke and I’m glad that no one had told me it would take me this long to write the novel.”
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