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Every time I start an author's biography, my father comes to mind. I think that is because he was such a reader. When he found out cancer would do him in, he looked at his remaining time, then calmly made a list of books to read before passing. He kept a stack of the books from the list on a table next to his recliner. When he went to the hospital for the last time, he took the last book from the stack with him.
The importance is not a message of sadness, but of a person who placed reading above almost everything else. His childhood destroyed his self-confidence, and few people understood the depth of his thoughts. He once gave me his best advice: always make yourself laugh and think interesting thoughts. The ‘always’ part of the guidance is not easy, but it’s been a pretty good rule to live by, at least for me.
After I matured beyond policeman, fireman, and soldier, I always wanted to be an author, with all the trappings of a bestseller novelist from the 1950’s. Then, as it so often does, life pulled me into an existence I did not choose but somehow wound up surviving in most of my life. When the world finished with me and spat me into old age, my thoughts returned to my dreams of youth.
But, of course, things had changed. Google, Amazon, E-books put legendary publishers and bookstores out of business. When I was a child, authors were admired and respected, now they are everyday Joe’s who pour their guts into digital ones and zeroes, that only exist when a reader has them up on a screen. The realization dismayed me. Time and technological advancement had stolen my boyhood dream, I could never become that kind of author.
I unconsciously ingested my current situation. In sleep, my mental stomach sometimes carried on gurgling conversations with my subconscious to digest what was. When the system finally passed the remains of its contents, I found myself facing two undeniable truths: My father had been right about what things were important, and writing, the act of placing and moving fingers on keys, were the things I needed.
So now, after a life filled with what now seems pointless errands, I am content with a comfortable chair, a keyboard and a screen that allows fonts to be displayed large enough for me to read easily. So I type every day. My goal is to tell stories. Not everyone will enjoy my stories. I hope some do. It is a wonderful life.

His books on Amazon include:

The Boy in the Well
Caligula: Murderer Immortal
W-G-O-D: In your Dreams, All night, Every Night
The Island Builders
Your Money or Your Mustard
Alien Agenda
Coyote Dreaming
The Game Inventors Handbook
Million Dollar Monster (Short Story)
The Sword of the Stone (Short Story)
Global Warning (Short Story)
New Roads (Short Story)
The Sword of the Flame (Short Story)
One Day Sale (Short Story)
Aboard the Starship Warden (Short Story)
Hell on Earth (Short Story)

He appreciates the magic of life and the interconnection of all things.

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Working on: The GRANDMOTHER of THE Famous Southern Writer
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