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Carolyn Whitbeck

Country: United States
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I was raised as an orphan in South Texas, and never knew who my biological parents were. After I became an adult, I decided to petition the courts in the county where I was born, to unseal my birth and orphan records. They agreed. Once these documents arrived, I was able to learn who my parents were. My husband, who holds a Doctorate; was able to start building my family tree. He became overwhelmed after seeing several Kings and Queens on my tree. So we applied to several universities genealogical departments who were conducting a lottery. My tree was selected for their projects. They were able to confirm and validate my family tree, as well as take the tree back to Saint Joseph of Arimathea; who happens to be the Uncle of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They also discovered that I was directly descended from over 120 Kings and Queens of several European countries, to include Great Britain. They also did a lot of research into how the current monarch of Britain is able to sit on their throne. What they discovered was astonishing.


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