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M. Nova

Country: United States


M. Nova is a real world warrior; musician(singer, drummer, song writer); poet; public speaker; possesses multiple business degrees; National Baseball player; sports enthusiast; video gamer; body builder; lover of animals and nature, especially orcas, sharks, and tigers; violently tender and tenderly violent romantic.

The "Real JD," Nova, is joyfully married to his Dovemate and best friend, author Cathy Nova. Every book he's written, he's dedicated to her, before they had ever met. He purposefully put his books out to the world to find his Dovemate/soulmate, and it worked, as Cathy found him through MADE's The Ghost Indwelling.

Authorities on destiny, through written and spoken words—and victorious living—Nova and Cathy wage war against all forms of darkness to turn victims to victors.

Ghost H. 6:10-17


M.A.D.E. Chronicles: The Ghost Indwelling, the explosive fantasy romance saga, is free on Kindle 11-23-18 and 11-24-18!


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