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RBN Bookmark

Country: United Kingdom


Do greener pastures exist for the colour blind - and how the hell would they ever know?"

Ribban Bookmark is one of life`s misfits. Born in Manchester, in the UK during the late 1950`s to Irish immigrants.
He realises early on in life that his ladder to success is missing a rung or two.

Then, after 56 years of circling the literary worlds perimeter fence, like a dog looking for somewhere to urinate. He stopped one night in August 2014. "A Minger`s Tale-Beginnings" was the result of that nights urination.

This is his untold story.
A MingerĀ“s Tale-Beginnings is the first part in a tale of meandering minger mongering, mayhem, misery and mirth.


Minger`s 2 (working title Halfway To Manchuria) is already underway, if all goes well my hope is that it will be ready for release around autumn 2019.


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