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Country: Singapore
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Apart from writing and reading books, Magnus Muller is a young writer who likes to explore the world as well as to play sports. He strongly believes that success can be attained with consistent hard work and effort.

He began writing his first eBook: "The 5 Minute To Cure Procrastination Addiction", to help those who suffer from procrastination to overcome it by just using a simple rule of thumb. He believes that this step-by-step book will allow readers, including both youngsters and adults, to stop procrastinating and to enjoy more time freedom as well as the satisfaction in completing their tasks.

To find out more about his work, check out his Books and you will start to enjoy more free time and accomplish your tasks!


Launched the first book: The 5 Minute Procrastination Addiction Cure. Soon to launched 2 more books: The 5 Minute Mindfulness Practical Guide as well as The 5 Minute To Do List Formula. Visit my author page at for more!


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