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Country: United States
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I have been writing all my life and finally published my first novel last year entitled "The New America". It was a political thriller about what happens to the United States after WWIII in 2045. I just finished and will be publishing soon my second novel entitled "The Divinity Complex". It's a tale about a serial killer witha surprise twist no one has ever thought of.

Some will say that its a shame I found my true passion later in life, but I say its better than not finding it at all. I plan to keep writing and publishing because I enjoy it. We should all do what makes us feel valued. If I can make one person happy somewhere on this earth with something I have written then my journey has been a success.

If you want to learn more about me and my books and other things I've written go to


Coming soon the new crime thriller from P.H. Figur entitled "The Divinity Complex".
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