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Caven Tootell

Country: Australia
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Caven Tootell is the author of - Dis’ Taste - and avid reader of historical fiction, particularly tales of the conflict between colonial masters and their local population. His passion is to draw out the opposition of the ‘ruling and ruled’ classes both within the expatriates and the locals which drive their interactions and how they live their lives.
Having served over 20 years in the military as a senior officer, Caven has lived and worked in many countries, all of whom have experienced colonial rule. Caven speaks several Asian languages and has lectured at Universities on understanding cultural differences in management.
Caven lives in Sydney, still working and writing to fund his travels and experiences across the countries of Asia.


Recently launched new novel - Dis' Taste. Set in pre-WWI Congo Free State, the story follows two Belgian Colonial officers, Philippe and Augustine and the latter’s wife, Clementine. The violent environment creates a surreal world where each person attempts to forge a new life for themselves.


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